ASSCAT Redefines Student Journalism: 'The Durian' Evolves into 'Ani' Media Organization

ASSCAT Main Campus, November 10, 2023 –ย Agusan del Sur State College of Agriculture and Technology (ASSCAT) celebrates a historic moment in its academic heritage with the unveiling of the rebranded student publication and corresponding Facebook page.

For many years, “The Durian” has been an integral part of the ASSCAT community, serving as a beacon of student expression and journalistic prowess. With a legacy spanning more than decades, this publication has been a platform for insightful articles, investigative reporting, and artistic expression, capturing the essence of student life, academic achievements, and societal issues within and beyond our institution.

In a tribute to this longstanding history, the student publication has evolved into “Ani – The Official Student Media Organization of ASSCAT.” This transformation honors the rich legacy of “The Durian” while embracing a new chapter of growth, innovation, and expanded horizons in student journalism.

“Ani,” derived from the Filipino word for harvest, encapsulates the essence of abundance, representing a continuation of the legacy set forth by “The Durian.” The rebranding signifies a commitment to upholding journalistic integrity, amplifying diverse voices, and embracing the ever-evolving landscape of media representation.

Alongside this transformation, the associated Facebook page has been reimagined and renamed as “Ani – The Official Student Media Organization of ASSCAT.” This digital platform will continue the tradition of sharing compelling narratives, thought-provoking articles, and engaging content that reflects the heart and soul of the ASSCAT community.

The rebranded “Ani – The Official Student Media Organization of ASSCAT” is poised to carry forward the legacy of excellence set by “The Durian,” engaging its audience with compelling stories, meaningful perspectives, and impactful journalism that continues to define the vibrant spirit of ASSCAT.