A.Y. 2020-2021
Effective October 28, 2019

Name Designation Contact
Joy C. Capistrano, Ph.D. College President [email protected]
Shiela G. Reyes, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs [email protected]
Carmelo S. Llanto, Ph.D. Vice President for Administration, Finance and Planning [email protected]
Fernando L. Marzo, Ph.D. Vice President for Research, Development, and
Extension Affairs
[email protected]
Rodrigo L. Bongolan, Ph.D. Dean, College of Agriculture (CA) [email protected]
Rodulfo A. Macalam, D.Eng’g. Dean, College of Engineering and Information Sciences
[email protected]
Mary Grace O. Reyes. Ph.D. Dean, College of Teacher Education (CTE) [email protected]
Shiryl T. Ytoc, Ph.D. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) [email protected]
Rodrigo L. Bongolan, Jr., Ph.D. Dean, Graduate Studies (GS) [email protected]
Rene Y. Mahinay Administrator, Trento External Studies Center  
Marcellin Jay C. Panes Director, ICT Center [email protected]
Jessica B. Barcenilla, Ph.D. Director, Students Affairs and Services [email protected]
Berlito A. Oliver, Jr. Director, Resource Generation and Management [email protected]
Michael M. Sabugaa Director, Research and Publication Services [email protected]
Ferdinand A. Dumalagan, Ph.D. Director, Innovation and Development [email protected]
Boylen B. Cabag Director, Extension Services [email protected]
Cherry J. Amador Director, Quality Assurance Management [email protected]
Vivian C. Peligro, Ph.D. Director, International and External Affairs [email protected]
Alvin O. Cayogyog, Ph.D. Director, Instructional Materials [email protected]
Ram B. Caldeo Director, Infrastructure and other Physical Facilities [email protected]
Romie E. Malmis Director, General Services [email protected]
Glene A. Nalla Focal, Center for Human Rights Education and Research [email protected]
Stephen Jhon DLC Gonzales Focal, Agricultural Mechanization Research and Development Center [email protected]
Leolyn Mae P. Jusay

Head, Procurement Office

Focal, GAD Research Center/GAD Focal Person

[email protected]
Janice C. Puspos Executive Assistant to the College President [email protected]
Elizer C. Barrios Chief, Project and Performance Monitoring and Evaluation [email protected]
Rachel M. Patagan, Ph.D. Head, Publication and Communication [email protected]
Alden B. Catubig Head, Health and Wellness [email protected]
Alberto L. Dela Peña Head, Motorpool Services [email protected]
Edgar B. Requiza Head, Security Services [email protected]
Francis Tom A. Paredes

Head, Archives and Records Management

Chief, Public Relations and Information Office

[email protected]
Ellene C. Wasil Coordinator, Alumni Relations [email protected]
Liezl May G. Perez Chief, Curriculum Development and Planning [email protected]
Hazel May F. Ignacio Quality Management Representative, ISO [email protected]
Debbie Gail P. Genotiva Lead Auditor [email protected]
Jane M. Tecson Chairperson, BS Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering [email protected]
Manuel T. Tabada, Jr. Chairperson, BS Electronic Engineering [email protected]
Jessie Y. Labaso Chairperson, BS Civil Engineering [email protected]
Bernie S. Balighot Chairperson, BS Information Technology [email protected]
Hovert A, Abrigana Chairperson, BS Information System [email protected]
Edlor E. Turtoga Chairperson, BS Industrial Technology [email protected]
Matthew E. Cañeda Chairperson, BSE Mathematics [email protected]
Roan O. Raz Chairperson, Technology and Livelihood Education/ BTLEd [email protected]
Shiela V. Paredes Chairperson, BSE English [email protected]
Vivian C. Peligro, Ph.D. Chairperson, BSE Science [email protected]
Emelyn F. Sagrado Chairperson, Elementary Education [email protected]
Jerem I. Syting Chairperson, Animal Science [email protected]
Teresita O. Alagenio II Chairperson, Agronomy [email protected]
Joylyn D. Pausanos Chairperson, Horticulture [email protected]
Rodel L. Oclaret, DBA Chairperson, BS Agribusiness [email protected]
Beverly T. Omambing Chairperson, BAT and DIFT [email protected]
Hazel May F. Ignacio Chairperson, BS Entrepreneurship [email protected]
Ma. Riza Lopez Chairperson, BS Agroforestry [email protected]
Quim B. Miolata Chairperson, AB English Language [email protected]
Rodel O. Azura Chairperson, BS Applied Mathematics [email protected]
Juzavil V. Juario Chairperson, BS Biology [email protected]
Eliza L. Miguel Chairperson, BS Environmental Science [email protected]
Joey M. Requiso Coordinator, General Education Courses [email protected]
Egan C. Trabado Chairperson, Bachelor of Elementary Education [email protected]
Jack Lyn B. Maestrado Chairperson, Secondary Education [email protected]
Jessica D. Balatero Chairperson, BS Applied Math [email protected]
Joy S. Ambia Chairperson, AB English Language [email protected]
Eugene B. De la Torre Coordinator, General Education Curriculum [email protected]
Melchora E. Marzo, Ph.D. Coordinator, CTE Research [email protected]
Joylyn Pausanos Coordinator, CA Research [email protected]
Stephen Jhon DLC. Gonzales Coordinator, CEIS Research [email protected]
Marvin G. Pizon Coordinator, CAS Research [email protected]
Jacky Lyn I. Maestrado Coordinator, Trento External and Studies Center [email protected]
Cherie S. Dela Pena Coordinator, CTE Extension [email protected]
Raymod F. Gabica Coordinator, CA Extension [email protected]
Julie O. Lucnod Coordinator, CEIS Extension [email protected]
John Paul A. Camino Coordinator, CAS Extension [email protected]
Donald Cyndell L. Miguel Coordinator, Trento Campus [email protected]
Angelita H. Balantac, Ph.D. Coordinator, Student Internship Program [email protected]
Shiela V. Paredes Coordinator, Student Development and Welfare Services [email protected]
Robelyn G. Soriano Coordinator, Student Scholarship [email protected]
Ferdinand A. Dumalagan Coordinator, Socio-cultural and Arts [email protected]
Fidel L. Barrios Coordinator, ROTC and NSTP [email protected]
Federico F. Lasta, Jr. Coordinator, Spiritual Development [email protected]
Ligaya B. Clemente Adviser, SSG and Recognized Organization [email protected]
Larlynne P. Samoranos Adviser Student Publication [email protected]
Rachel M. Patangan, Ph.D. Custodian, Physics Laboratory [email protected]
Ronald R. Baldo Custodian, Biology Laboratory [email protected]
Beberly Q. Velos Custodian, Chemistry Laboratory [email protected]
Larlynne P. Samoranos Custodian, Speech Laboratory [email protected]
Edlor E. Turtoga Custodian, Farm Mechanics Laboratory [email protected]
Cherrie S. Dela Peña Custodian, TLE Laboratory [email protected]
Jeremie S. Castro Custodian, Crop and Soils Laboratory [email protected]
Reden John Carriedo Custodian, ECE Laboratory [email protected]
Donessa Joy T. Peñaloga Custodian, Food Processing Center [email protected]
Romie E. Malmis Oil Palm Production [email protected]
Antonio B. Buhawe Jr. Rice Production [email protected]

Angelito T. Tamonlang

Fidel L. Barrios

Corn Production and Hillyland Farming System Small and Large Ruminants (goat/sheep/cattle)

[email protected]

[email protected]

Joemeljun Q. Jaravata Swine Production [email protected]
Rufo D. Peñaloga, Jr.

Swine Production (Overseer)

Poultry Production

[email protected]
Riel O. Villegas Aquaculture/Tilapia Hatchery [email protected]
Jun Rey Orcullo Horticulture Nursery Vermicast (Overseer) [email protected]
Juniver W. Magcanam Plant Tissue Culture [email protected]
Marlito S. Tabuco Mushroom and Vegetable [email protected]
Russel Dave V. Ordono Water Refilling Services [email protected]
Jeremie A. Castro Vermicast Production [email protected]
Nathaniel I. Ardina Incharge, Animal Projects/Veterinarian [email protected]
Jashny Deo E. Mojica Agroforestry Farming [email protected]
Roan O. Raz Guest House [email protected]
Larlynne P. Samoranos Girl’s Dormitory [email protected]
Stephen John DLC. Gonzales Post-Harvest Facilities [email protected]
Fredireck Mark L. Marzo Irrigation and Drainage Development and Maintenance [email protected]