A.Y. 2020-2021
Effective October 28, 2019

Name Designation Contact
Joy C. Capistrano, Ph.D. College President
Belen S. Dela Peña, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Glene A. Nalla Vice President for Administration, Finance and Planning
Alvin O. Cayogyog Vice President for Research, Development, and
Extension Affairs
Fernando L. Marzo, Jr., Ph.D. Dean, College of Agriculture (CA)
Rodulfo A. Macalam, D.Eng’g. Dean, College of Engineering and Information Sciences
Angelita H. Balantac, Ph.D. Dean, College of Teacher Education (CTE)
Shiryl T. Ytoc, Ph.D. Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Rodrigo L. Bongolan, Jr., Ph.D. Dean, Graduate Studies (GS)  
Mary Grace O. Reyes, Ph.D Administrator, Trento External Studies Center  
Marcellin Jay C. Panes Director, ICT Center
Jessica B. Barcenilla, Ph.D. Director, Students Affairs and Services
Oscar M. Mojica Director, Resouece Generation and Management
Michael M. Sabugaa Director, Research and Development Services Manager, ITSO and Technology Development, Transfer and LicensingOffice
Teresita O. Alagenio II Director, Extesion Services  
Carmelo S. Llanto, Ph.D. Director, Knowledge Management Center, Agro-Industrial Research Center
Shiela G. Reyes, Ph.D. Director, Quality Assurance Management
Vivian C. Peligro, Ph.D. Director, International and External Affairs
Charlie A. Dayon, Ph.D. Director, Instructional Materials Development Center
Ram B. Caldeo Director, Infrastructure and other Physical Facilities  
Romie E. Malmis Director, General Services  
Mark Vincent T. Cortez Head, Publication and Communication
Rene Y. Mahinay Assistant Administrator, Trento ESC
Leolyn Mae P. Jusay Head, Procurement Office In-charge, GAD Center
Janice C. Puspos Chief, Presidential Management Staff  
Elizer C. Barrios Presidential Assistant for Executive and Auxiliary Operations Chief, Project and Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
Estrella S. Dinopol, Ph.D. Coordinator, Alumni Relations  
Alden B. Catubig Head, Health and Wellness  
Alberto L. Dela Peña Head, Motorpool Services  
Edgar B. Requiza Head, Security Services  
Francis Tom A. Paredes Head, Central Records Chief, Public Information and Community Relations Office
Cherry J. Amador Chief, Program and Institutional Assessment, Certification and Accreditation  
Cherry A. Amante Quality Management Representative, ISO
Rosalie C. Gemina Technical Staff, Planning Office  
Jane M. Tecson Chairperson, BS Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering
Manuel T. Tabada, Jr. Chairperson, BS Electronic Engineering
Jessie Y. Labaso Chairperson, BS Civil Engineering
Bernie S. Balighot Chairperson, BS Information Technology
Teogenes L. Barcenilla II Chairperson, BS Information System
Edlor E. Turtoga Chairperson, BS Industrial Technology
Matthew E. Cañeda Chairperson, BSE Mathematics
Roan O. Raz Chairperson, Technology and Livelihood Education/ BTLEd
Shiela V. Paredes Chairperson, BSE English
Ferdinand E. Dumalagan Chairperson, BSE Science
Emelyn F. Sagrado Chairperson, Elementary Education
Jerem I. Syting Chairperson, BS Agriculture  
Beverly T. Omambing Chairperson, BAT
Shahanneh J. De Asis Chairperson, BS Agribusiness
Rodel L. Oclaret, Ph.D. Chairperson, BS Entrepreneurship
Oscar M. Mojica Chairperson, BS Agroforestry
Quim B. Miolata Chairperson, AB English Language  
Rodel O. Azura Chairperson, BS Applied Mathematics
Juzavil V. Juario Chairperson, BS Biology
Eliza L. Miguel Chairperson, BS Environmental Science
Joey M. Requiso Coordinator, General Education  
Egan C. Trabado Chairperson, Elementary Education
Elsie R. Tusoy Chairperson, Secondary Education  
Jessica D. Balatero Chairperson, BS Applied Math  
Joy S. Ambia Chairperson, AB English Language  
Eugene B. De la Torre Coordinator, General Education  
Boylen B. Cabag Coordinator, CTE Research  
Hazel May I. Ignacio Coordinator, CA Research  
Jocelyn O. Balolot Coordinator, CEIS Research
Rachel M. Patangan Coordinator, CAS Research  
Jacky Lyn I. Maestrado Coordinator, Trento Campus  
Melchora E. Marzo Coordinator, CTE Extension
Raymod F. Gabica Coordinator, CA Extension
Julie O. Lucnod Coordinator, CEIS Extension
John Paul A. Camino Coordinator, CAS Extension
Donald Cyndell L. Miguel Coordinator, Trento Campus  
Angelita H. Balantac, Ph.D. Coordinator, Student Internship Program
Shiela V. Paredes Coordinator, Student Development and Welfare Services
Robelyn G. Soriano Coordinator, Student Scholarship
Ferdinand A. Dumalagan Coordinator, Socio-cultural and Arts
Fidel L. Barrios Coordinator, ROTC and NSTP FEB1065@YAHOO.COM
Federico F. Lasta, Jr. Coordinator, Spiritual Development  
Ligaya B. Clemente Adviser, SSG and Recognized Organization  
Larlynne P. Samoranos Adviser Student Publication
Rachel M. Patangan, Ph.D. Custodian, Physics Laboratory  
Ronald R. Baldo Custodian, Biology Laboratory
Beberly Q. Velos Custodian, Chemistry Laboratory
Larlynne P. Samoranos Custodian, Speech Laboratory
Edlor E. Turtoga Custodian, Farm Mechanics Laboratory
Cherrie S. Dela Peña Custodian, TLE Laboratory  
Jeremie S. Castro Custodian, Crop and Soils Laboratory  
Reden John Carriedo Custodian, ECE Laboratory
Donessa Joy T. Peñaloga Custodian, Food Processing Center
Romie E. Malmis Oil Palm Production  
Antonio B. Buhawe Jr. Rice Production  

Angelito T. Tamonlang

Fidel L. Barrios

Corn Production and Hillyland Farming System Small and Large Ruminants (goat/sheep/cattle)



Joemeljun Q. Jaravata Swine Production  
Rufo D. Peñaloga, Jr.

Swine Production (Overseer)

Poultry Production
Riel O. Villegas Aquaculture/Tilapia Hatchery  
Jun Rey Orcullo Horticulture Nursery Vermicast (Overseer)
Juniver W. Magcanam Plant Tissue Culture
Marlito S. Tabuco Mushroom and Vegetable  
Russel Dave V. Ordono Water Refilling Services  
Jeremie A. Castro Vermicast Production  
Nathaniel I. Ardina Incharge, Animal Projects/Veterinarian  
Jashny Deo E. Mojica Agroforestry Farming  
Roan O. Raz Guest House
Larlynne P. Samoranos Girl’s Dormitory
Stephen John DLC. Gonzales Post-Harvest Facilities  
Fredireck Mark L. Marzo Irrigation and Drainage Development and Maintenance