RDE Framework

           The ASSCAT RDE Framework is anchored on the Input-Process-Output-Outcomes (IPOO) approach. The input is gathered from the alumni, private sectors, local, national and international agencies and communities which is anchored on the different global issues that adversely affect the global community and environment, possibly in a catastrophic way, including food sufficiency, economy, renewable energy, disaster preparedness, water security, human security and technology advancement. Among the seven enumerated global issues, there are three that were highlighted like the water security, food sufficiency & economy since these issues were the major problems in the recipient community/barangay based on the Community Needs Assessment (CNA).

            The aforementioned global issues will be the basis of the researchers in conducting research either for development, instruction, extension and production. The researchers will be from the faculty, students, administration and other interested entities. The product of the researchers will be determined if it needs to undergo the process of incubation: verification, adaptation, dissemination and piloting. Then after which, the research products will be subjected to patenting, licensing, trademarking and publication. On the other hand, there are researches which will not undergo incubation but rather proceed directly to patenting, licensing, trademarking and publication. All of the research products will be used for commercialization and utilization.

            A feedback will be gathered from the beneficiaries to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of the products. Feedback mechanisms are usually utilized to ensure client satisfaction of the research product. A series of product evaluation and testing will be done to address any deficiencies of the research product. After assessing the feedbacks, the RDE Center assures to develop productive, economically sufficient and resilient communities.

             To easily understand the ASSCAT RDEC Framework, Figure 1 below presents the process.

ASSCAT Research Development and Extension Center (RDEC)