ASSCAT as the premier agro-industrial Higher Education Institution in Caraga Region capable of producing morally upright, competent and globally competitive human resource to effectively implement sustainable development.


ASSCAT shall primarily provide higher professional, technical instruction for special purposes and promote research and extension services, advanced studies and progressive leadership in agriculture, education, forestry, in-land fishery, engineering, arts and sciences and other relevant fields.


  1. Develop and offer curricular programs that are relevant to the peculiar needs and urgencies of the region.
  2. Generate develop and transfer appropriate technologies to address the needs of the agro-industrial sector in the service area.
  3. Develop disciplined, responsible and well-trained students to become effective citizens in the community and ready to face the challenges in the highly competitive world of work.
  4. Have a pool of service and person-oriented professional workforce who are educationally and technologically prepared and well equipped to effect desired and necessary changes to the service area and among the clientele.
  5. Acquire state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to be attuned to the trend of the changing times.
  6. Build, construct, improve and upgrade appropriate physical facilities in harmony with the ecosystem to attain harmony with the ecosystem to attain harmonious co-existence of man and nature.
  7. Adopt and institutionalize efficient, effective and judicious utilization of resources to maximize, strengthen and sustain development and fiscal security and autonomy.
  8. Expand networking and linkages locally, nationally and globally.