President in Action!

Dr. Juarlito Garcines met Mayor William E. Calvez, C.E. for the updates on the 3 hectares lot for ASSCAT Trento. Mayor Calvez informed President Garcines that the LGU of Trento is looking for a 10 hectares lot for ASSCAT Trento instead of the former number of hectares to be donated.

Pres. Garcines together with VPAA Dr. Belen Serenio Dela Peña and Dr. Alvin O. Cayogyog, the new Campus Administrator for ASSCAT Trento also raised some requirements to better the operation of the satellite campus this coming opening of AY 2017-2018 First Semester.

ASSCAT Trento Satellite now offers day classes along with the night classes for the students who are workers in the morning.

ASSCAT Family, especially Dr. Garcines, is so grateful for the benevolence of LGU Trento Officials headed by Mayor Calvez.