Presentation of Budget Proposals, right on time

The budget proposal is conducted a year before the implementation of programs, projects and activities. This is in line with the four phases in managing the cycle of national budget: Budget Preparation, Budget Legislation, Budget Execution and Budget Accountability. ASSCAT is in the first phase.

The budget office headed by Mrs. Elinior M. Amarante, College Budget Officer III, spearheaded the Presentation of Budget Proposal for Internally Generated Income (2019) and GAA/National Budget (2020).

Dr. Juarlito V. Garcines, the College President, graced the event and reminded the participants to plan well their budget, make sure that it will be implemented in the target duration. Dr. Garcines also reminded the participants to implement RA11032 especially those in the frontline services.

Dr. Joy C. Capistrano, the Vice President for Administration, emphasized the significance of budget planning to avoid budget supplementals while Mrs. Ruth Desamparo, Supply Officer Designate, oriented the participants on the government procurement act.

Dr. Estrella S. Dinopol, the Planning Officer, highlighted the socio-economic agenda as envisioned in the 2017-2022 Philippine Development Plan.

Mrs. Amarante, expressed her gratitude to the participants in her remarks for their active participation not for compliance with the President’s Memo for the activity but for giving their importance to the activity as she said: “for without you (participants), this activity will not be a successful one.”

Day 1 with all projections ends around 8:00 PM and participants are excited for Day 2.

Basta ASSCAT pirmi SIKAT!