Hiniusang Pag-Ampo for COVID-19

In observance of the National Week of Prayer as per Proclamation No. 934, the ASSCAT Skeletal Workforce gathered outside the Administration Building to pause for a while and pray together. Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, President Duterte urged all Filipinos of all religious beliefs to unite in prayer.

The “Hiniusang Pag-Ampo” was initiated by our zealous College President, Dr. Joy C. Capistrano and was participated by the skeletal workforce on duty. The prayer was led by Mr. John Paul A. Camino, the College Multi-Faith Services Coordinator.

As you read this, we encourage you to pause for a minute and pray this COVID-19 prayer:

Heavenly Father, loving and merciful God, we worship and adore you with profound reverence. You are holy indeed. You sustain and renew us daily with Your steadfast love and faithfulness. Have mercy on us and forgive us, Abba Father, for our sins against You and Your Creation.

We come before you now, in this time of anxiety and distress, lifting up to You, the COVID-19 pandemic, that it will not infect more people. Heavenly Father, we beg You to cover us with the Precious Blood of Your Beloved Son, Jesus, and to protect us from all affliction and negativities.

Lord Jesus, grace the world leaders with the wisdom and courage to implement difficult regulations to contain the spread of the virus and cooperate in all areas to find a cure for it. Comfort those afflicted and their families in their moments of distress and grace them with Your peace. We also ask of You, Lord Jesus, to protect those in the medical fields and those involved in any way in this fight against the virus.

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, our Messiah, and King, we Trust in You, Amen.

We are in this together. Let’s keep our faith! God bless everyone.

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