ASSCAT participates National Conference of Student Affairs Development and Services Practitioners

Dr. Tirso A. Ronquillo, PASUC President, encouraged the SAS practitioners to always love their work because their position is one of the most important positions in the college, “SAS Implementers should always smile, should be accommodating enough, should be welcoming enough.” Dr. Ronquillo emphasized.

Dr. Ronquillo also emphasized that to develop an SUC, “always remember that students are the backbone of our respective universities and colleges, thus you, SAS implementers, you ahould always engage your students in outcomes-based student development and affairs activities like letting your students manage their canteen to learn how to sell and account and be responsible in organizing events with transparency through reports.

Dr. Ronquillo mentioned doing research related to student affairs and services like in the field of food safety, appropriate or acceptable boarding houses, sports, and leadership.

Dr. Ronquillo strikingly pointed out that “SAS implementers should not be the cause of chaotic relationship between administration and students, you should be the bridge to strengthen the relationship, that they (students) should feel that we love them, that they should feel that their alma mater trully love them.”

Everything that was mentioned by Dr. Ronquillo in his keynote speech are also the goal of the ASSCAT SUC President Dr. Juarlito Garcines that is why the Indigenous Peoples Youth Club, PICROrg Students, SSG Main and Trento Campuses are now doing outcomes-based activities guided by their respective advisers and the OSA director.

The recent activity that the ASSCAT Student Leaders successfully organized was the 1st ASSCAT SUC President Rapid CHESS Open Summer Clinic and Tournament on July 27-28, 2018.

Also, ASSCAT Student Leaders did facilitate and co-organize the 1st ASSCAT SUC President Volleyball Tournament, SK Mandatory Training, Enrollment 2018, World Environment Day Celebration, and Naliyagan 2018.