ASSCAT: Molder of Well-trained Students


ASSCAT produces disciplined, responsible and well-trained students to become effective citizens in the community and ready to face the challenges in the highly competitive world of works as mandated in College Goal No. 3.

Organizing Sports Extension Program with the theme “Sports for Unity, Peace and Prosperity¬†for All!” is not only about summer clinic and tournament itself but training student leaders like IPYC, PICROrg, and SSG to take vital part in organizing activities or events like this 1st ASSCAT SUC President Rapid Chess Open Summer Clinic and Tournament and the previous 1st ASSCAT SUC President Volleyball Summer Clinic and Tournament on May 21-24, 2018.

For the chess tournament which will be held tomorrow, July 28, 2018, convergence or collaborative efforts of SSG Main and Trento Campuses with IPYC and PICROrg will be another avenue for them to strengthen their leadership knowledge and skills.

The ASSCAT Admin, especially Dr. Juarlito Garcines, is so proud of these young leaders who will bring more pride and honor to their beloved Alma Mater.

Basta ASSCAT pirmi SIKAT!
so always